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OPTIONS opened up conversations that I don’t think would have occurred without the App” – Pediatrician

Designed for rapid and efficient assessment of high-risk sexual behavior, the OPTIONS Model of Sexual Risk Assessment Application (OPTIONS App) for Android and iOS platforms:

  • The OPTIONS App is a series of questions completed by patients age 15 – 24 years and quickly administered before primary or reproductive care appointments
  • The app creates an instant report using an innovative, research-based algorithm identifying 6 levels of sexual risk.
  • Risk assessment includes youth interested in new sexual boundaries after having initiated sexual activity.
  • The health care provider reviews the report before counseling with the patient.


  • Better sexual risk assessment improves primary care counseling sessions by maximizing the crucial minutes’ heath care providers have with patients
  • Better sexual risk assessments for adolescents and young single adults improve health care services and lower costs associated with managed care
  • Saves physicians and clinicians time

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