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Preventative Technology Solutions wants to continue to empower physicians and their patients. Click on “Vote for Preventative Technology Solutions” It only takes a few seconds and you can cast a vote every 24 hours until April 5th. Thank you for your assistance! Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kate […] Read More

                                                        Being considered one of the BEST Health Innovation Startups is an honor that we take very seriously. Receiving an award from the nation’s #1 Health Innovation Ecosystems– the […] Read More

Preventative Technology Solution’s OPTIONS App is deemed the BEST and the BRIGHTEST in digital health by the Prime Health Challenge. To learn more about this digital health challenge CLICK HERE. OPTIONS is an Android app that conducts a comprehensive sexual risk assessment on a tablet during a clinical appointment that instantly identifies those in need […] Read More

Pediatrician’s know there’s a lot to pack into a teenager’s 30- to 45-minute wellness visit. Along with evaluating physical health and mental well-being, doctors need to assess the teen’s sexual behaviors and provide him or her with the necessary education and resources to encourage a healthy lifestyle for years to come. To read the full […] Read More

STDs increase for the first time since 2006 in 15 – 24 year olds! Every primary care physician needs the OPTIONS App. Its time to update the old and outdated two-level risk assessments used since the 1970s. Check out what primary care physicians are saying about OPTIONS on YouTube […] Read More