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#Metoo, #Youtoo, #Whattodo??

Not a day goes by without hearing another story in the media about bad behavior in the workplace. These stories shine the light on significant and systemic cultural issues regarding power, sex, abuse, consent, and consent confusion. Many have come forward, and many powerful men have fallen from grace. These stories have only scratched the […] Read More

…Jonathan Mermin, director of the CDC’s National Center for STDs and TB Prevention, said in a news release last month. He added that the epidemic is, “…growing in number, and outpacing our ability to respond.” Over 50% of new cases of STDs occur in young people ages 15 – 24, Chlamydia cases the most prominent. […] STDS at all time high…

Preliminary Results from 2016 Prime Health Pilot The third place finalist from the 2016 Prime Health Challenge, Preventative Technology Solutions, released interim results of their clinical pilot of the OPTIONS App. The pilot measured clinician and patient experience and is ongoing through mid-October. Early results reported here are from a primary care pediatric department serving […] Read More

Reframing the chaos of health care reform creates opportunities for innovative primary care. Functioning in this rapidly changing environment is overwhelming to everyone. What we know to be true is that when crisis and opportunity collide, winning innovation for teens, parents and health care systems happens. The stakes are high. We hope our experience helps […] Read More

  Innovation driven by an effective R&D process is critical. We are honored to win a $25,000 award as a digital health finalist in the 2016 Prime Health Challenge. Innovation is hard–especially as a new startup in a growing field. Competing with 33 of the best digital health startups in Colorado and some from across […] Read More