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Mission Statement
To Create Medical Technology Solutions that Provide Tailored Risk Assessments and Prevention Services to Reduce Risk Behavior in Adolescents and Emerging Adults.

Our business philosophy is to develop advanced and cutting edge technology solutions enabling clinicians to provide the best care for their patients and clients. Healthcare for adolescents and young adults is improved by developing technology solutions enabling accurate and efficient clinical assessment to better inform prevention services and track effort and outcomes.  With this philosophy, our customers are at the focus of the company. Maximized clinician/patient interaction and follow-up services support more satisfying health decisions and reduce costs of expensive treatments. We tackle the three big problem areas: adolescent sexual risk, mental health and resiliency, and substance use.

Preventative Technology Solutions Founders & CEO

Lisa Rue, PhD


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Lisa Rue has over 30 years of experience working with high-risk adolescents and school-based sex education. She received her PhD from Colorado State University in 2005. Lisa’s research line extends over 20 years beginning with her thesis and dissertation work in program evaluation research for multiple sex education and mental health initiatives. She spent ten years as a member of the Graduate School faculty in the Applied Statistics and Research Methods program at the University of Northern Colorado’s College of Behavioral Sciences. She currently holds an adjunct position in the department. Lisa’s expertise is in health promotion for emerging adults and program evaluation. She has six published articles on resiliency and program evaluation for school-based sex education and mental health programs, authored or co-authored seven technical papers, twelve juried professional presentations and thirty-three invited presentations in the U.S and abroad. Her professional experience as a special education teacher includes behavior change expertise serving the most vulnerable populations in the public school system. She founded FRIENDS FIRST, a school-based mentoring program for youth in 1993.

Kate Lusczakoski, PhD

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Kathryn Lusczakoski has extensive experience with HIV/STD evaluation and intervention programs. She received her MA in cognitive neuropsychological development, and her PhD in Applied Statistics and Research Methods. Her expertise includes mental health, adolescent resiliency and recovery. She has conducted numerous community-wide evaluation/research projects related to adolescent HIV prevention and mental health wellness.

Kate is a primary researcher/developer of the OPTIONS Model of risk screening for sexual risk, mental health resiliency and substance use including risk for Opioid addiction. Her analytical expertise informed the development of complex algorithms, which accurately identify nine levels of sexual risk.

She is excited about Preventative Technology Solutions and the impact the OPTIONS screening assessments can have on reducing health care costs in managed care systems. Health promotion and supporting healthy sexual decisions and mental wellness for youth have been a priority for her career.

Preventative Technology Solutions Advisors

Lisa M. Najavits, PhD

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Lisa M. Najavits, PhD, is professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of
Medicine, adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and a clinical research psychologist in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System. She was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School for 25 years. Her major clinical and research interests are substance abuse, trauma, co-morbidity, behavioral addictions, veterans’ mental health, community-based care, development of new psychotherapies, and outcome research. She is author of over 190 professional publications, as well as the books Seeking Safety, A Woman’s Addiction Workbook, and Recovery from Trauma, Addiction or Both: Finding Your Best Self. She has served as president of the Society of Addiction Psychology of the American Psychological Association; and is on various
advisory boards including the Journal of Traumatic Stress; the Journal of Gambling Studies; and Addiction Research and Theory. She has received various awards, including the 1997 Young Professional Award of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies; the 1998 Early Career Contribution Award of the Society for Psychotherapy Research; the 2004 Emerging Leadership Award of the American Psychological Association Committee on Women; and the 2009 Betty Ford Award of the Addiction Medical Education and Research Association. She is a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts and conducts a psychotherapy practice. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University and her bachelor’s degree with honors from Barnard College of Columbia University.

Susanne Montgomery, MS, MPH, PhD

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Dr. Montgomery joined Loma Linda University in 1995 and after teaching in the School of Public Health (LLU-SPH) for 16 years, joined the LLU School of Behavioral Health (LLU SBH) in 2011. She is currently the Associate Dean for Research in LLU SBH, a Professor of Social Policy and Social Research, Public Health, and Preventive Medicine. She is also the Head of the LLU SBH Division of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Director of Research of the LLU Behavioral Health Institute.

Dr. Montgomery holds a master’s degree in nutritional science and a MPH and PhD for from the University of Michigan. She identifies as a social/behavioral epidemiologist and has been committed to translational health disparities research throughout her career. Her research studies mostly use a mixed method and community-based participatory approach. She has 25+ years of continuous external funding as both a Principal as well as a Co-investigator, in most cases, working in partnership with hard-to-access populations, beginning with homeless and runaway youth to injection drug using women, and pregnant and parenting teens, and African American and Latino men and women in San Bernardino County. Dr. Montgomery has researched and written extensively in the areas of cancer prevention, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and alcohol and tobacco use.

Dr. Montgomery mentors faculty and students across the LLUH system in conducting research including in seeking external research opportunities, publishing, and developing grant applications. She also leads the translational research team as Director of the Community Outreach and Partnership Core for the Center for Health Disparities Research and Molecular Medicine. Dr. Montgomery has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles concerning cancer prevention, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and alcohol and tobacco use, and regularly serves as a reviewer of several national peer-review journals. After many years on several study sections of National Institutes of Health (NIH) she is now mainly serves as an invited reviewer on special NIH, CDC, and DHHS health disparities initiatives. She has consulted with the CDC, the State of California, and numerous private foundations on evaluation issues, and conducts trainings and workshops on issues of evaluation/research capacity building and diversity in the United States and abroad. She advocates for translating and applying research findings within LLUH and more broadly at the community level, and participates as a member of several area community coalitions, local, national and international planning groups, and advisory boards, using her expertise and access to research data to enhance planning processes. Dr. Montgomery also conducts trainings and workshops on issues of diversity in the U.S. and abroad.

Scott Fowle

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Scott Fowle, CEO. For more than 20 years, Scott Fowle has been a strategic and operational leader to emerging and mature middle market companies with global impact.  Leveraging a deep financial background, he has created sales, marketing, and financial operations organizations. Scott has also led teams developing software and machinery technology solutions for industrial customers such as Nike and New Balance, as well as consumer markets.  In addition to these operational roles, Scott has been responsible for restructuring, preparing and guiding business through mergers, acquisitions, and private investment.

Preventative Technology Solutions  Partners and Acknowledgements

cliexa We are thrilled to partner with cliexa!  Read more here!


                We appreciate the ongoing support from the University of Northern Colorado’s IDEA Program.

We would like to thank the PRIME HEALTH organization for the opportunity to compete in the 2016 PRIME HEALTH Challenge. The mentoring, guidance and advice we received during the competition moved our digital health technology forward and helped us avoid serious challenges. Read more here.

We also are grateful to Dr. Andy Steele and Dr. Susan Moore for their willingness to vote for us during the competition and for their ongoing support and research of our digital health technology. The formative results and feedback will continue to refine and improve the OPTIONS App.

UC Health Longmont Clinic
We appreciate the Pediatric Department at UC Health Longmont Clinic for their willingness to participate in the pilot of the OPTIONS App.