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Mission Statement
To Create Medical Technology Solutions that Provide Tailored Risk Assessments and Prevention Services to Reduce Risk Behavior in Adolescents and Emerging Adults.

Our business philosophy is to develop advanced and cutting edge technology solutions enabling clinicians to provide the best care for their patients and clients. Healthcare for adolescents and young adults is improved by developing technology solutions enabling accurate and efficient clinical assessment to better inform prevention services and track effort and outcomes.  With this philosophy, our customers are at the focus of the company. Maximized clinician/patient interaction and follow-up services support more satisfying health decisions and reduce costs of expensive treatments. We tackle the three big problem areas: adolescent sexual risk, mental health and resiliency, and substance use.

Preventative Technology Solutions Founders & CEO

Lisa Rue, PhD


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Kate Lusczakoski, PhD

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Preventative Technology Solutions Advisors

Lisa M. Najavits, PhD

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Susanne Montgomery, MS, MPH, PhD

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Scott Fowle

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Preventative Technology Solutions  Partners and Acknowledgements

cliexa We are thrilled to partner with cliexa!  Read more here!


                We appreciate the ongoing support from the University of Northern Colorado’s IDEA Program.

We would like to thank the PRIME HEALTH organization for the opportunity to compete in the 2016 PRIME HEALTH Challenge. The mentoring, guidance and advice we received during the competition moved our digital health technology forward and helped us avoid serious challenges. Read more here.

We also are grateful to Dr. Andy Steele and Dr. Susan Moore for their willingness to vote for us during the competition and for their ongoing support and research of our digital health technology. The formative results and feedback will continue to refine and improve the OPTIONS App.

UC Health Longmont Clinic
We appreciate the Pediatric Department at UC Health Longmont Clinic for their willingness to participate in the pilot of the OPTIONS App.