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Mission Statement
To Create Medical Technology Solutions That Provide Tailored Risk Assessments And Prevention Services To Reduce Adolescent And Young Adult’s Risk Behavior.

Our business philosophy is to develop advanced and cutting edge technology solutions enabling clinicians to provide the best care for their patients and clients. Healthcare for adolescents and young adults is improved by developing technology solutions enabling accurate and efficient clinical assessment better inform prevention services.With this philosophy, our customers are at the focus of the company. Maximized clinician/patient interaction and follow-up services support more satisfying health decisions and reduce costs of expensive treatments.

Preventative Technology Solutions Founders

Dr. Lisa Rue

lisaLisa Rue has over 30 years of experience with adolescents including school based sex education. She received her PhD from Colorado State University in 2005. She founded FRIENDS FIRST, a mentoring program for youth in 1993. Since that time, FRIENDS FIRST has expanded to serve over 14,000 adolescents each year in Colorado and FRIENDS FIRST programs are in nearly every state in the United States.

Her long-time collaboration with Kathryn Lusczakoski has been a key to the success of the OPTIONS Project and the development of the OPTIONS Model of Sexual Risk Assessment. Dr. Kate’s background in community based HIV/AIDs services and research and Dr. Lisa’s background in school-based comprehensive sexuality education and sexual risk avoidance education brought together diverse perspectives in a meaningful and constructive initiative.

Dr. Kate Lusczakoski

Kathryn Lusczakoski has extensive experience with HIV/STD evaluation and intervention programs. She received her M.A. in cognitive neuropsychological development, and her PhD in Applied Statistics and Research Methods. Her expertise includes mental health, adolescent resiliency and recovery. She has conducted numerous community-wide evaluation/research projects related to adolescent HIV prevention and mental health wellness.

Dr. Kate is a primary researcher/developer of the OPTIONS Model of Sexual Risk Assessment. Her analytical expertise informed the development of complex algorithms, which accurately identify 6 levels of sexual risk.

She is excited about Preventative Technology Solutions and the impact the OPTIONS App can have on reducing health care costs in managed care systems. Health promotion and supporting healthy sexual decisions for youth have also been a priority for her career.