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Why Prevent Tech?

Preven Tech creates medical assessment applications and mHealth prevention services to reduce risk behaviors in adolescents and young adults.

  • The OPTIONS 2.5 App for Android and iOS, was developed after years of research and evaluation using our proprietary measures and algorithm
  • The OPTIONS scoring algorithm is based on a framework which includes abstinence and risk reduction (HIV/STI) techniques tailored to individual level risks from the patient’s own responses entered into the app
  • Works with new guidelines for health care reform and incorporates technology young people relate to and use
  • Rapid & efficient assessments reduce expensive treatment in managed care settings
  • Improves primary care counseling sessions by maximizing the crucial minutes health care providers have with patients

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“OPTIONS is an innovative method to quickly identify emerging adults that are at-risk for unintended pregnancies and/or STIs. This tool can transform the identification of at-risk individuals by quickly identifying those in need of immediate intervention. From a psychological perspective, early identification is essential and leads to increases in positive outcomes – the OPTIONS model will assist in this early identification. This model is also ideal in developing empirically validated treatments to help at-risk individuals. Specifically, the use of the model will enable researchers to identify and track treatment progress in an empirical manner that can be validated over time. Given the online accessibility of the model, the ability to replicate research based on this model is extremely valuable and will continue to increase the generalizability of the findings over time.”

Stephen Wright, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education
College of Education and Behavioral Sciences